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You can visit several of the most beautiful religious

monuments in the world in Macedonia. You will

never forget the beauty, peace and serenity of the

sacred architecture and the experience of a night

spent in one of the Macedonian monasteries. The

most beautiful sites include:

• The monastery of Saint John Bigorski, famous for

its carved wooden iconostasis

• The church of Saint John of Kaneo, beautifully

situated on a cli above Lake Ohrid

• The beautiful monastery of Saint Naum in the

surreal environment of Lake Ohrid

• The monastery of Saint Joachim Osogovski, an

aesthetic complex in the middle of a verdant forest

• The Kalista monastery on the shore of Lake Ohrid,

in a serene rocky environment

• Saint Sophia Cathedral Ohrid with its famous

frescoes from the eleventh, twel h and thirteenth


• The painted mosque in Tetovo that looks like giant,

coloured playing cards