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During the project “Skopje 2014” there were works and gigantic and impressive buildings built that shine in all their bright colours. This architectural and cultural pro-

ject is widely controversial, with opinions divided on whether it is kitsch or urban elegance. Check it out for yourself!

The ethnic diversity of Macedonia was the inspiration for the famous “macédoine” salad, a salad of mixed, diced fruit or vegetables, popular in France, Italy, Spain and

Latin America.

The Macedonian cities and their rich cultural

and archaeological heritage

• The town of Ohrid, nicknamed “The Balkan Jerusalem” with its

365 churches, will charm you with its narrow cobbled streets,

numerous lively outdoor cafes and its lake, so magnificent that

people have nicknamed Ohrid “the Kingdom of light and water”

• Skopje, the surprising capital, dominated by the fortress

“Kala”. Marvel at the monumental stone bridge in the O oman

style and shop in the biggest market of the Balkans: “Starata

Skopska Tcharchia”

• Struga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city of poets

Other locations and unusual events

of Macedonia

• The museum on the water in the Bay of Bones is a village which

has been rebuilt on the water and harbours discoveries from

the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. You can go diving there, above

the remains of the lake city dating from 2000 BC, a unique


• The Stone City “Kuklica” with its very strange natural rock


• Heraclea, Roman excavations in Bitola, with dazzling mosaics,

an ancient theatre and Roman baths

• The village of Galicnik, where every July you can a end a

traditional wedding which lasts three days and a racts

thousands of spectators