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• The historic centres of Berat and Gjirokastra, magical

cities with a turbulent past and rare examples of a typical

O oman architectural style

• The museum city of Butrint, inhabited since prehistoric

times. Enjoy the remains that tell Illyrian, Greek, Roman,

Byzantine and Venetian tales!

Sites not to be missed

• The bay of Porto Palermo with its castle, located on a small

peninsula and surrounded by sky-blue coloured sea. In the

past, it was a submarine base: you can still see the barracks

and an underground bunker of one kilometre in length

• The city of Shkodra with its mysterious castle, Rozafa

According to legend, it was built by three brothers. During

the night the wall collapsed and a wise old man told the

brothers that he had to sacrifice someone if they wanted the

walls to remain stable. The wife of the younger brother was

immediately walled-up alive. She did not protest, and only

begged that her breasts, eyes, hands and legs remain free so

she could take care of her baby. The legend says that her milk

still flows from the castle walls

• The Krujë Bazaar with its oriental and colourful atmosphere,

full of all kinds of goods for sale. It is a piece of Istanbul close

to the Adriatic Sea

• The second largest Roman amphitheatre in the Balkans

in the port city of Durres. Built in the second century, the

theatre has the capacity to accommodate up to 20,000

spectators, which is about one sixth of the population of

Durres today

• Tirana, the capital of Albania, is said to make an impact on

everyone. From the Historical Museum of Skanderbeg to

theatres via its castles and mosques, the city of a thousand

faces always has something to amaze the casual visitor