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Marvel at the great diversity of fauna and flora that Macedonia

has to o er. Many rivers, valleys, waterfalls, lakes and national

parks await those who love hiking and luxuriant nature. Here are

some favourites:

• The Galičica National Park, with its amazing view of the lakes

Ohrid and Prespa

• Lake Ohrid with its astonishingly clear waters and stunning

beaches for swimming

• The mountain landscape of Mavrovo Park, ideal for hiking in

summer and skiing in winter

• Matka Canyon, with its mystical nature that will fill you with

invigorating energy

• Lake Doiran, containing one of the most diverse fish

populations in Europe


Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest lakes in the world (also known as the fossil lake) and among the deepest (its maximum depth is 288 metres!).

“Nema problem”, a very common expression among the Macedonians meaning “No problem”, shows the tendency to want to sele everything peacefully and to look

on the bright side of life.