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Serbian villages are real ecological oases, unpolluted by modern

civilization, with a mild climate, clean air and natural foods. The

main ingredients for the traditionally prepared dishes, always the

healthier option, come from the hosts’ gardens, and the passing

tourists who quickly become friends can see for themselves that

the vegetables and animals are produced organically.

In particular, the perfumes, sounds and flavours make the

countryside more precious, more beautiful and more enjoyable

than the city. From Vojvodina in the North, passing through

Serbia in the West, the centre, in the East and the South, there

may be many di erences that appear in the details, but all across

Serbia, the rhythm of life in the countryside reflects the rhythm of

nature: the seasons, the transition from the working day to night

of rest, the natural order of things and people.




The Empress Maria Theresa was an admirer of the traditional wines of the Serbian region of Karlovac. The “Karlovac Bernet” was even available

on the wine list of the Titanic!

“Drvengrad” (Kustendorf), the traditional town in the district of Zlatibor, as can be seen in the film Life is a Miracle, was built by the director

Emir Kusturica for the purposes of his film!