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The charm of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not only come from

its cultural contrasts and the heritage of its buildings, it also

comes from the beautiful nature of wild beauty that o ers a

variety of activities throughout the year, including raing and

canoeing over the beautiful, emerald green rapids and skiing

on the slopes of the 1984 Olympic Games in Jahorina and


This country, which is oen depicted using the image of a heart

placed between the mouths of two lions, has one of the two

largest ancient woodlands in Europe, unmatched biodiversity,

imposing mountains to climb, deep gorges to cross and wild

rivers with water so pure that you can drink it right out of the

palms of your hands. The most beautiful natural aractions


• The waterfalls of Kravica, one of the largest and most

impressive waterfalls in Herzegovina

• The Lake Jablaničko region which witnessed the famous ba le

of Neretva in World War II

• The Sutjeska National Park including Perucica, one of the last

ancient woodlands in Europe

The name “Bosnia” is derived from 'Bosana', the old Indo-European word meaning water! Many lakes, breath-taking waterfalls and abundant rivers make up for Bos-

nia’s mere twenty kilometres of beach.