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Bosnia and Herzegovina has a very wide range of tours to

take. The country has a wealth of stunning mountain scenery

and o ers direct access to wide outdoor spaces, a sense of

adventure and a rich historical heritage. It forms a dual vantage

point, marking the easternmost point of the West, and the

westernmost point of the East. As such, it bears the imprint of

two great empires, the Ooman and the Austro-Hungarian,

both of which have had inescapable influences on the culture,

architecture and religion of this country at the crossroads.

Few places on earth feature an Orthodox church, a Catholic

church, a mosque and a synagogue within a few minutes’

walking distance of each other. This is the capital Sarajevo,

the Jerusalem of Europe, where there is always something

going on: choose from the many festivals (do not miss the

famous Sarajevo Film Festival), or simply stroll along the alleys

surrounding the Ooman quarter of Baščaršija.

When staying in Bosnia, do not miss Jajce, the capital of Bosnia’s

medieval kings, an open-air museum town where the Republic

of Yugoslavia was created; Mostar, the charming capital of

Herzegovina, with the striking beauty of its pre-Ooman and

Ooman ruins; and Medjugorje, the holy place where the Virgin

Mary appears to believers and which has already been visited by

more than five million people.

The Winter Olympics took place in Sarajevo in 1984 in Sarajevo!

The diversity is particularly clear in the religious sphere: the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 40% Muslim, 31% Orthodox, 15% Roman Catholic

and 14% other faiths.