Kompas Sports Training Destination

WEATHER CONDITIONS INKRANJSKA GORA Average number of sunny days: 79.5 Average number of days with snow: 72.4 Average daytime temperature in summer: 17.6 °C Average daytime temperature in winter: -3 °C Kranjska Gora is a paradise for outdoor sports activities in Julian Alps. Athletes are also welcome to train in the Vitranc Sports Hall (located in the centre of the village, just 500m from the hotels). Our friendly sta will a end to the athletes and all their wishes so they can fully focus on training. Kranjska Gora is becoming the centre for football training camps for professional and amateur sports teams. Teams have one small and two large football fields at their disposal. The fields with freshly cut grass are all well maintained and are at most 500 meters away from the hotels. Apart from being a destination for indoor sports, Kranjska Gora is ideal for outdoor sports as well. Just to mention a few: riding and equestrian school, cycling, adrenaline cycling, rollerblading, alpine ascents, golf training, photo hunting, fishing, beach volleyball, alpine skiing and ski jumps. The village is removed from large cities and their accompanying hustle and bustle and, with its unspoilt nature, is supremely suitable for athletes wishing to train and prepare in complete tranquillity. Kranjska Gora