Kompas Sports Training Destination

Perfect training camp destination Sport camp destinations: • Kranjska gora • Ptuj • Maribor • Celje • Rogla • Portorož • Podčetrtek and many more Slovenia has perfect training conditions. It is a natural sports venue. Slovenia has also won recognition in the world of sport as the host of important international competitions. The athlete who is fastest, strongest, or be er prepared is the one who comes out on top of their game. Athletes gain an edge with personalized, professional training programs, scientifically developed to improve position specific techniques, speed, agility, strength, power and overall athletic performance. With its favorable climatic conditions, excellent sports facilities and accommodation, Slovenia can provide excellent quality training conditions. Sports camp packages are available for all major team sports (football, handball, basketball, volleyball, futsal etc), as well as individual sports (judo, taekwondo, athletics, swimming, sailing). Sports camp packages are available at all levels from professional to amateur clubs, including youth teams. All our team members are passionate about sport and dedicated to o ering all clubs and organizations the following services: • We o er top quality training facilities for many indoor and outdoor sports. • We organize friendly matches with local top division clubs or national teams. • We arrange all transportation for teams. • We take care of all additional needs for the well-being of teams. • We have hosted a number of international sporting events.