Kompas Sports Training Destination

Other sporting activities Athletics There are well-equipped outdoor athletics facilities througout Slovenia ready to cater for your training sessions whether youchoose to excercise at dawn or dusk. The most recent major success for Slovenian athletics was Primož Kozmus‘s Olympic gold medal in the hammer. Running The climate,wide diversity of terrain, and the short distances between town, country and coast make Slovenia perfect for runners. Marathons and half-marathons regularly prove popular with local and international athletes. The Ljubljana Marathon is becoming more and more widelyknown every year. Around 18,000 runners from 35 di erent countries join this marathon. Olympic medals have also been won by Slovenian runners Brigita Bukovec and Jolanda Čeplak, an 800 m world record holder. Cycling For professional and recreational cyclers and mountain bikers looking to head o the beaten track, Slovenia o ers an abundance of hidden trails in the mountains and througout the green hilly countryside. The mild climate and breathtaking countryside make Slovenia an unforge able cycling experience. Other Popular Activities Including: winter sports (alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, ice-hockey), tennis, gymnastics, martial arts, bowling, karting, parachuting, whitewater kayaking, skydiving, hang glidding and a variety of extreme sports. Extreme Sports Slovenia has one of the world’s highest participation rates in extreme sports, with notable achievements in mountaineering and climbing in the Himalayas. Numerous Slovenian mountaineers have conquered the world’s highest peaks in the last 30 years. Tomaž Humar was famous for his extreme exploits in climbing several Himalayan peaks solo. Davo Karničar was the first person to ski from the peak of Mt Everest. The ultramarathon biker Jure Robič has won the RAAM, the most demanding bike race, several times. The ultramarathon swimmer Martin Strel was the first person to swim the Mississippi, the Amazon and the Yangtze. Irena Avbelj has won numerous skydiving competitions. MEDICAL AND RE-HABILITATION FACILITIES are of the highest standard in Slovenia, combining advanced medical equipement with the expertise of highly skilled pratcticioners. Sport venues offer first-aid equipement, while regional medical centres and hospitals can deal with any eventuality.