Day Trips from Vienna

Since 1899, the Café Museum in Vienna is a modern masterpiece for all senses. Come and discover our Viennese coffee house culture! Right next to where our tempting pastries are displayed, the Ferrari-red Chimbali coffee machine adds to the convincing atmosphere. The smell of coffee is in the air, spoons clatter and delicious Meinl coffee is served by elegant waiters. Silver globe light fixtures, in the original 1930s Josef Zotti-style, create a very special lighting effect. Take a seat on one of the original Thonet chairs or in one of the red booths and let the ambience of our Viennese coffee house surround you. We, the Querfeld family, have fallen in love with the Café Museum and turned it into a bright, inspiring place. So many coffee houses in Vienna must be common. In summer, you can enjoy the lightness of being in the urban guest garden, with a view of the Karlskirche and the golden dome of the Secession Building. Like Adolf Loos, Karl Kraus, Gustav Klimt and other brilliant minds more than a hundred years ago... Enjoy the Viennese coffee house culture having a Wiener Melange and a piece of applestrudel! FOR FIT MUSEUMSJAUSE AT CAFÉMUSEUMWIEN