Day Trips from Prague

Follow the tracks of Operation Anthropoid which was carried out by soldiers of the Czechoslovak army-in-exile to assassinate the high-ranking Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich. Meet with your local guide in your hotel and proceed on the Anthropoid tour during which you will hear about some of the most important moments in history of the country which took place during the World War II. Learn about the scene of the Prague Uprising, the Gestapo Headquarters, and the areas of the city bombed in 1945 and the hiding spots used by the Czech resistance soldiers who played key role in the Anthropoidmission. Understand the stories behind the main persons in Operation Anthropoid. Visit the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius where you can enter the crypt where seven men carried out the significant act of resistance. Later on, take a short drive outside of Prague to Lidice, a village which was burned down in June of 1942 by the Nazi regime as a revenge for the assassination of their high-ranked official. Then return to Prague and spend some time at your own leisure. ANTHROPOID TOUR War memorial in Lidice