Day Trips from Prague

Trebon is also known as Třeboň of the Rosenbergs, Třeboň of the Schwarzenbergs, Třeboň as a spa town, Třeboň as a charming town. It is a town in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Surrounded by fishponds, it’s known for its spas and therapeutic treatments. Třeboň Chateau is a large Renaissance complex with exhibits of the noblemen who lived there. Located in south is the neo-Gothic Schwarzenberg Tomb, built in the 19th century. In Masaryk Square are the town hall, with panoramic views from its gallery, and the baroque Marian column. After the walk through the city, enter the state chateau Trebon. The town is dominated by a Renaissance chateau surrounded by a large English park built below the embankment of Svět Pond. The weapons of knights and cavaliers still rattle in the Chateau’s courtyards, wheremusic accompanied by the light steps of dancers can also be heard. Enjoy one of the following routes (subject to availability). Rosenberg renaissance interiors (basic tour) The visitors can get acquainted with the life and times of the last Rozmberks, William and Petr Vok. In the Courtly chamber you will perhaps see the Rozmberk rider - a mural. In the library of Petr Vok you will become familiar with the great passion of this Rozmberk ruler, like the Kunstkammer, where you can view the images and objects that Petr Vok bought or received as gifts from various nobles. Another interesting area is the alchemist's workshop, where John Dee and Edward Kelly worked in the late 16th century. Opening months: JAN-FEB & APR-OCT & NOV&DEC - Only on certain days Private Schwarzenberg suites (basic tour) The Baroque style Schwarzenbergs rooms on the first floor of the Chateau is best visited at Christmas, which they spent here every year (and for the last time in 1922). On the route visitors can get acquainted with their history and traditions, because the first building the Schwarzenbergs owned in Bohemia was at Třeboň. Opening months: JAN-FEB & APR-OCT & NOV&DEC - Only on certain days The chateau stable, dog´s kitchen and casemates The Schwarzenbergs had a close relationship with hunting, gamekeeping and horse and dog breeding. The stables hold men’s, women’s and children’s saddles, riding clothes, stirrups, bits and other equestrian and hunting gear from the period between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. The dog handler prepared food for the dogs in the dog kitchen, and actually lived at the site with the animals. Located beneath the building is one entrance to Třeboň’s underground defence system – the casemates Opening months: JUN & JUL-AUG- Only on certain days Schwarzenberg tomb (basic tour) The Tomb of the House of Schwarzenberg is one of the most architecturally remarkable heritage buildings to be visited in South Bohemia. It is located in an English park to the south-east of the fishpond “Svět”. It was built by Jan Adolf II. Schwarzenberg and his wife Eleonora according to the plans of the architect Deworetzky. Opening months: JAN-FEB & APR-JUN & JUL-AUG & SEP-NOV - Only on certain days You mustn’t miss eating a Karp fish in one of Trebon’s numerous restaurants, which is a true delicacy. It is said that the fish farms of that area produced fish for the noble-men of Czech. After some time for leisure you can return to Prague or as an alternative stop for a visit of the castle Cervena Lhota. It stands at Chateau Trebon FULL DAY TRIP TO TREBON