Day Trips from Prague

Arrive in the Pilsen town and explore the city and the legendary Pilsen brewery with your English speaking guide. Pilsen is home to the world-famous beer brand. While in Pilsen guests can see sites such as St. Bartholomew Cathedral, the Patton Memorial and will have the opportunity to visit the Beer Museum. Pilsen Urquell - a bit arguably said to be the world's beer capital was born more than 175 years ago. This beer is sold in more than 50 countries in the world and has the highest output in the central and eastern Europe'. During the tour one can experience history of Pilsen pubs, see the complete facilities of the brewery, including the laboratory and at the end you can even taste the beverage fondly called the 'liquid bread' in Czech Republic. Enjoy lunch at the brewery’s restaurant or other local restaurant. ADDTHEBELOWTOMAKE THE TRIPMORE INTERESTING: Karlstejn Castle Karlštejn Castle, 45mins away from Prague, was founded in 1348 by the Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor as his private residence and a place of safekeeping royal treasures, especially his collections of holy relics and the Imperial Crown Jewels. In 1355 Charles IV stayed here for the first time, overseeing the construction and decoration work, especially in chapels. The construction was completed in 1365 when the Chapel of the Holy Cross in the Great Tower was consecrated. The tour includes historic interiors of the 1st and 2nd floors of the Imperial Palace and the 1st floor of the Marian Tower with valuable furnishings from the 14th - 19th centuries. The Well Tower (not guided, access from the Main Courtyard) - a 78-meter deep well with a unique medieval water wheel. Kindly note one has to walk uphill to reach the castle. Vehicle is not allowed. Mariánská Týnice Mariánská Týnice with the Pilgrimage Church of the Annunciation of the VirginMary is the former provost of the Cistercianmonastery in Plasy in Mariánské Týnec near Kralovice , today serving as the Museum and Gallery of the Northern Pilsen Region . Since 1964 it has been protected as a cultural monument and in 2018 it was declared a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic. DAY TRIP TO PILSEN Pilsen