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Dolenjske Toplice is among the oldest natural spas in Slovenia.

The first documents that mention Dolenjske Toplice reach back

to 1228. The beneficial effects of its thermal water with a

temperature of 36 °C (human body temperature) have made

this one of the most successful health resorts in Slovenia.

Health care

Natural Healing Resources

• Thermal water–isoaccratothermal, slightly mineralized, with the

temperature of the human body, 36 °C.


Rheumatic diseases of the locomotor system (chronic inflammatory

rheumatism, chronic degenerative rheumatism, extra-articular rheu-

matism); Injuries and operations to the locomotor systemwith func-

tional deficiencies; Osteoporosis; Gynaecological diseases, postoper-

ative conditions following reproductive system and breast surgery.


Diagnostic: densimetric measurement of bone density, ergometry,


Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa

exercise, physiofitness, anti-pain electrotherapy, electrostimulation,

galvanic baths, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, underwater massage,

various baths, parafango, cryomassage, paraffin compresses, spine

traction, kinematic splint, pressotherapy, etc.

Additional offer


Balnea Wellness Center, which occupies 9,200 m² offers

different sorts of massages, indoor and outdoor swimming pools,

whirlpool and saunas. Sport: cycling, swimming lessons, swimming

for babies, tennis, fishing, skiing, basketball, archery, walking trails,