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Slovenia’s natural health resorts

, thermal spas and wellness

centers are the


of what Slovenia has to offer to people to





are important. They combine centuries

of tradition and experience in using thermal baths with modern

findings of experts dedicated to healthy minds and bodies. They

are also part of the cream of Slovenian tourist destinations, offering

exceptional opportunities for sporting activities, fun, culinary

pleasures and quality



Natural spas

: Highly trained professionals look after everyone

in natural spas; at the same time, you can help your health and

wellness yourself. There are many opportunities for sporting


Thermal spas

: Many thermal springs and centers, thanks to

the therapeutic effects of water, continue to provide medical

rehabilitation and other treatments, while at the same time also

trying to attract different types of guests.


: Wellness centers offer the opportunity to relax with

various masseurs or to enjoy saunas. Various health-therapies and

compresses, as well as special dieting programs are also worth


Slovenia – a health and wellness destination


• Slovenia has

15 high quality health resorts

(but about 100

thermal springs – mineral and thermal);

Top quality treatments

– wellness and medical treatments

(preventive and rehabilitation);

Excellent ratio between price and quality;

Highly attractive and competitive

in comparison toHungarian,

Slovak and also Austrian spas/health resorts;

• The emphasis on a healthy lifestyle at Slovenia’s natural spas is

based on a centuries-long tradition of thermal treatments

and experience

in the fields of balneology, climatology, and