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Slovenia, one of the smallest European countries, lies at the heart

of Europe, where the Alps and the Adriatic Sea meet the Pannonian

Plain and the Karst. A short drive of just over two hours brings

you from the azure Mediterranean to Alpine peaks. The beauty of

Slovenia’s spectacular mountains, green forests, emerald rivers,

diverse underground world and charming coast are combined with

a rich history, picturesque villages and lively cities.

Slovenia is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the

world; over half of the country is forests, it is one of the richest

countries in terms of water, and has numerous thermal and mineral

springs. Its perfect climate and natural beauties make Slovenia

the ideal tourist or even active sport destination, while its many

thermal springs make it the perfect vacation spot for spa and health

tourism lovers.

Slovenia’s perfect central location in the Alps-Adriatic area offers

exceptional opportunities for various excursions and shopping. It is

only a few hours from fashionable Italy to the west, historic Austria

to the north, and relaxed Croatia to the south.

It is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to Slovenia:

Geographic position:

Positioned at the heart of Europe, it

is cradled between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the

Pannonian Plain, and easily reached from major European cities.

It is a small country, so transfers are short, the longest being

the 260 km journey from the Adriatic coast to the Hungarian

border. From Ljubljana International Airport, you can access

Croatia, Italy, and Austria in less than an hour (by car). The capital

Ljubljana is located just:

167 km from Venice, 213 km from

Vienna, 250 km from Budapest, 2h15min from London;

A new, safe, green and friendly destination:

Slovenia is

among the safest destinations in Europe and one of the greenest.

Forests cover 57 % of the country’s surface, and drinking tap

water is of better quality than water sold in bottles. The country

boasts a vast number of unpolluted rivers and lakes, but very

few heavy industrial centers, and the environmental care of the

Slovenes is evident everywhere;

• It is most likely one of the world’s safest countries to visit;

Why visit Slovenia