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As we all know, economic reality has undergone major changes

in recent years. Everyone is facing new challenges, the world of

tourism being no exception. But we embrace them with optimism,

because the appeal of travel and the allure of human interactions

in different environments remain. We still love to discover and

create new stories that provide a welcome break from our busy

everyday routine, conjuring up memories that will stay with us for

a long time.

At Kompas, we like to learn and adapt. We are interested in

everything that this modern age has to offer. Thanks to our

extensive corporate network, and the knowledge and experience

of our professional staff, we are involved in creating the latest

trends in the travel industry. We are aware that the best business

practices are based on trust, reliability and, above all, mutuality:

for us, true success lies in the benefits and advantages for you, our

esteemed clients, guests and business partners. Although Kompas

has been synonymous with quality for decades, we never take our

reputation for granted, but continuously upgrade our services and

create fashionable products.

Kompas (Slovene for ‘compass’) is proud to bear the name of

the device that has for centuries helped mankind to discover the

wonders of this world. The Company’s logo is a wind rose, which

shows the four cardinal directions, the four corners of the Earth:

this is where our clients come from; this is where we travel and

where we operate. For you. The winds of change bring us together.

And we are confident that, with the right compass in hand, the

journey to new horizons will be reliable and enjoyable.

It is therefore my great privilege and pleasure to present to you this

brochure, as it fits perfectly what has been said above. What else

could be more soothing than a holiday or break at one of Slovenia’s

spas or health resorts, in thewonderful country our Company is proud

to call home, surrounded by pristine nature, old-world charm and

welcoming people? The brochure cannot be matched for the sheer

variety of deals on offer, as it is the result of the years of experience

and the wealth of local knowledge only Kompas can provide.

All you have to do is just relax and enjoy. Kompas will take care of

the rest.

Tatjana Juriševič

President of the Management Board and CEO