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Verona (approx. 4 hours from Ljubljana):

while not as well

known as other Italian cities, Verona is full of history and romance.

Admire the Arena, the most famous Roman remains, Verona’s many

squares (piazzas) and churches. Do not miss the chance to follow

the path of the world’s most romantic story of Romeo and Juliet

and discover the balcony where Romeo declared his love for Juliet.

Sightseeing in Croatia

Take it easy and enjoy the natural beauties and wonders of the blue

sea, green lakes, cities of white stone and the slow pace of life of the

Adriatic villages and islands.

Plitvice Lakes (approx. 4 hours from Ljubljana)

is a UNESCO site.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of this natural wonder of sixteen

terraced lakes, caves and waterfalls surrounded by thickly wooded

mountains and lush vegetation.

Kornati (approx. 5.5 hours from Ljubljana),

a group of islands,

located in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic; they extend

over some 35 km and include 140 islands, some large, some small,

over an area of about 320 km² of sea. The Kornati Islands form

the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean. Because of their

exceptional beauty, interesting landscape, diversity of coastline and

especially the richness of the marine ecosystem, the greater part

of the Kornati maritime zone was declared a national park in 1980.

Dubrovnik (approx. 9 hours from Ljubljana),

“The ‘Pearl of the

Adriatic” is one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the

Adriatic. AUNESCOCultural Heritage site, this ancient town, surrounded

by ramparts and fortresses, is a treasure trove of architectural and

cultural masterpieces, scrupulously preserved over the centuries.