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Zreče Thermal Spa

Nestled in the vast Pohorje forests, at the point where the torrential

Dravinja river finally becomes calmer, connecting the world of the

mountains with the vineyard-covered Dravinja Hills, Zreče Thermal

Spa emerged, taking advantage of all the exceptional natural fea-

tures. Just half an hour’s drive from Terme Zreče is the Rogla Climatic

Health, Skiing and Sports Centre (1,517 meters above sea level). With

its mild subalpine climate and endless opportunities for sport and

recreation, it is the perfect complement to the spa – all year round.

Acratothermal healing water (calcium, magnesium and hydrogen

carbonate, naturally heated to 34.5 °C)

Additional offer


Sauna Village – 600 sq m of Turkish baths, Finnish and

infrared saunas with a Kneipp stream, heated ceramic beds, a cooling

pool and a sun terrace, exfoliation with local herbs, salt or sugar, honey

wraps and a hot air whirlpool;


Pearl, herbal and milk baths; a herbal bath for two with

champagne; baths to purify and refresh the body;


Traditional Thai therapy center: Traditional Thai massage,

Sawaddee massage, Ayodhaya massage, Siam massage, Thai massage

with warm herbs and oils, foot and palm massage, anti-stress back

massage, massage of the head, face and shoulders and Thai massage

for pregnant women.

Health care

Natural healing resources

• Natural bentonite mud (fango); Pohorje peat (organic peloid) and

the mild and healthy subalpine climate


Post-operative conditions connected to the locomotor system,

injuries to the locomotor system, injuries and diseases of the

peripheral nervous system, disorders of the peripheral circulatory

system, degenerative and inflammatory rheumatism, respiratory

ailments, allergies and eye, skin and blood diseases.


Hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, ther-

motherapy, rehabilitation programmes for sporting injuries with a team

of experts in the field of orthopaedics, internal medicine and physiatry.