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Radenci Health Resort

On the edge of the Pannonian plains in the green landscape of wheat

fields and winegrowing hills along the Mura River, Radenci Health Resort

developed with the rich gifts of nature. The discovery of the region’s

wealth of numerous mineral water springs was heard by the medical

student Karel Henn on his first visit to Radenci in 1833. After thoroughly

analyzing the water, Henn returned to Radenci in 1869 as a renowned

doctor and bottled the first “Radenska Three Hearts” mineral water,

which was later enjoyed at the Emperor’s court in Vienna and the

Vatican Palace in Rome. In 1882, Radenci Health Resort welcomed its first

guests. Today Radenci Health Resort is a modern natural health resort

complex offering guests medical and preventive programs that continue

its long tradition of effectively treating diseases of the heart and

circulatory system, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, rheumatic

illnesses, disturbances of the locomotor system, and metabolic disorders.

Additional offer


thermal spa, saunas, solarium, ayurveda center


tennis, mini-golf, windsurfing, hiking, cycling, rafting on River

Mura, hunting, fishing, “Three Hearts” Marathon, bicycling marathon.

Health care

Natural healing resources

• mineral water naturally rich in carbon dioxide

• hydrogen carbonate thermal mineral water, 41 °C

• inorganic peloid with high sulphur content

• beneficial microclimate with an average of 253 sunny days a year


Treatment of heart and circulatory diseases, kidney and urinary tract

diseases, rheumatic diseases and disorders of the locomotor system,

and metabolic diseases.


Mineral drinking and bathing cures, thermo-mineral baths, inorganic

peloid compresses