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Rimske Toplice

The healing power of natural springs was valued by the Romans.

They enjoyed the benefits and healing power on the right bank

of the Savinja River, where there are still thermal springs under

Stražnik Hill (655 m), rising from triassic dolomite rock fissures

in Rimske Toplice. Monuments and sacrificial altars devoted to

goddesses and nymphs as thanksgiving for the convalescence of

ancient guests, found between 1769 and 1845, provide evidence

of this. The location of Rimske Toplice is surrounded by wooded

slopes of the nearby mountains, providing shelter against wind and

summer heat, and supporting rich vegetation of exotic plants from

all over the world. These include giant sequoias, Canadian hemlocks,

cypresses, and Californian cedars.

inflammation); Degenerative extra-joint rheumatism (degenerative

changes in ligaments, tendons, muscles, connective tissue); Injuries

and diseases of the locomotor system (fractures, sprains, surgery at

the hip, knee, shoulder); Peripheral neurological diseases; Excessive

weight; Honsequences of stress situations (fatigue, headaches, sleep

disturbances, tension); Pain therapy.

Health care

Natural healing resources

• The thermal water has 39 °C at its source and has the proper

amount of Magnesium, Calcium and Hydrogen-Carbonate and

is the main healing factor in Rimske Toplice.


Gynaecological disorders (infertility, conditions after gynaecological

operations on the female reproductive tract and breast cancer,

endometriosis, humiliated uterus, chronic gynaecological disorders,

gynaecological infections, myomas, hormonal disorders); Urological

conditions (conditions after urological surgery on prostate, bladder

surgery, female and male urinary incontinence); Arthritis (joint