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Talaso Strunjan

Talaso Strunjan is distinguished by its outstanding location just

beside the sea at the heart of a landscape park famous for its

steep high flysch cliff, abundant Mediterranean vegetation, and

millennium-old salt pans that offer sanctuary for birds and where

salt is still produced today using ancient traditional methods. Talaso

Strunjan is a thalassotherapy center in the best sense of the word

since in addition to its setting amid unspoiled nature it offers a

beneficent climate, heated sea water pools, and the application of

sea mud and sea salt in its beauty and health treatments.

Health care

Natural healing ressources

• balmy Mediterranean climate

• sea water

• sea mud


Respiratory diseases; rheumatic diseases; injuries and operations of

the locomotor system; osteoporosis.


Physiotherapy: respiratory therapy, hydrokinesiotherapy, hydro-

therapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, work



• Curative programs: programs for treating respiratory diseases,

treatment program for back pain, treatment program for

rheumatic illnesses, treatment program for osteoporosis.

• Preventive programs: preventive diagnostic examination,

ultrasound cardiological examination, measurement of bone

density, laboratory tests.

• weight loss program, relaxation program.

Additional offer


therapies, relaxation and revitalisation techniques, massage,

body treatments


walking, cycling, pedal-boats, surfing