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Rogaška Health Resort

The miraculous power of Rogaška’s mineral water was first analyzed

by alchemists as far back as in 1572, but the health resort truly

flourished in the second half of the 19th century under the guidance

of Count Ferdinand Attems. During Rogaška Slatina’s “golden age,”

many ruling families, high nobles, and other important guests visited

its health resort. This select clientele was entertained by some of

the foremost artists of the period, among others Franz Liszt. Today,

Rogaška Slatina is again a strong health resort destination that has

become synonymous with health and well-being.


Prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for diseases of the digestion

system and metabolism diseases (diabetes, increased fat level in the

blood, excess body weight); Treatment of managerial diseases and

psychosomatic ailments; Physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, drinking

cures; Diagnostic department.

Additional offer


football, basketball, tennis, squash, golf (15 and 30 km from

Rogaška), outdoor recreational sports: marked forest trails, hiking,

Nordic walking, bicycling;


Walking trips, shopping in Maribor (45 km), Casino, glass


Health care

Natural healing resources:

Rogaška’s Donat Mg Mineral water has a

high magnesium content (1,000 mg/l) and is recommended for:

• diseases of the heart and circulatory system, liver, spleen,

stomach mucosa, nervous system and intestines;

• increased concentrations of sugar and cholesterol;

• high blood pressure;

• constipation, heartburn and excess stomach acid;

• weight-loss programs, purifying the body, diabetes;

• pregnancy, stress situations, great sport efforts.

Thermo mineral water

recommended for:

• movement problems, spine and rheumatic diseases;

• muscle pain and fatigue of the muscles, ligaments and joints;

• poor blood circulation.