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the ancient romantic capital of the Illyrian Provinces with the

charm of baroque and art nouveau


a festival city, famous for the oldest vine in the world


with its statue of Justina, the city’s emblem and a symbol of the

victory of Venice in the Bale of Lepanto


a Mediterranean city in the Venetian style, the birthplace of the

great composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini

The monastery of Kostanjevica

housing the tomb where the last members of the French royal

family of the Bourbons are buried

The mysterious church and the frescoes of Hrastovlje

with its Danse Macabre

Kostanjevica na Krki

the Lile Venice of Slovenia, housing a grand Cistercian abbey

and one of the largest collections of sculptures in Southeast



with its World War I museum tracing the history of the Soča


The beekeeping museum

located in a baroque castle of Old Town Radovljica, famous for

its incredible ethnographic collection of hives, unique examples

of Slovenian folk art

The medieval castle Predjama

suspended 123 metres above a karst chasm

The wells of Antoine in Idrija

the second largest mercury mine in the world, listed as a UNES-

CO World Heritage Site



According to an old Slovenian saying, love also passes through

the stomach. This wise saying certainly contains a great deal of

truth. It is not only about eating well and drinking well, but about

discovering and enjoying the aitude and expertise of our hosts

in the heart of this natural seing; experience the approach and

creative spirit of our chefs who are ready to welcome you to the

city and the countryside, but also in tourist farms in the high

mountains. There is a particular focus on local and organic food

production, giving the meals a fresh and unforgeable flavour,

while contributing to the exceptional hospitality and generosity of