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How to make a reservation

Please contact your travel agent for assistance, or

call Kompas at +386 1 2006300, or send an e-mail


Deposit & final payment

A deposit of €200 per person per tour is

required at time of booking. This deposit is

non-refundable. The deposit forms part of your

final payment which is due 45 days prior to

departure. If we do not receive final payment

by the specified date, we reserve the right to

cancel the reservation. In the case of billing errors,

we reserve the right to re-invoice with correct


Credit cards

We accept major credit cards (Visa, Master Card

and American Express). Credit card charges

require certain information and will be processed

only upon submission of a completed Kompas

Credit Card Authorization Form.

Returned checks

A fee of €30 will be charged for any returned


Revision fee

Revision fee of €30 per transaction alterations or

revisions. A change of tour date or tour itinerary

within 45 days of departure will be treated

as a cancellation and new booking; regular

cancellation fees apply.

Special handling fees

Bookings made within 30 days of departure will

incur special handling fee of €50.

Cancellations and cancellation


Cancellations must be advised to Kompas in

writing. Per person cancellation fees apply as


46+ days prior to

commencement of


full deposit

45 – 31 days prior 35% of total price

30 – 15 days prior 50% of total price

4 – 0 days prior 100% of total price

“Departure day” is considered the date Kompas

services begin.

Cancellation charges apply to extra nights prior

to and after the tour. Optional tours cannot be

refunded after purchase.

If Kompas cancels a tour, we will re-book

passengers on the same tour with a different

departure date or a similar tour. All re-bookings

are subject to availability. If that tour is

unacceptable, Kompas will refund all monies

paid to Kompas; there is no additional liability.

Kompas cannot assume responsibility for any

additional costs or fees relating to the issuance

and/or cancellation of air tickets or other travel

arrangements not made through Kompas.


Kompas strongly recommends insurance to

cover cancellation charges, trip interruption, and

accident and baggage loss. Kompas accepts no

responsibility for damage or loss of baggage or

other personal property.

Refunds for unused services

No refunds will be made for unused services once

travel arrangements have commenced.

Service inquiries after the tour

If after returning from the tour you wish to

inquire about any tour services provided, please

ensure that all correspondence relating to those

services is received by Kompas within 30 days

after the tour completion date.

Passports & visas

A valid passport is required of all tour participants.

It must be valid six months after date of return.

Your travel agent can help you obtain the

necessary forms for passport application.

All passengers, regardless of the passport

they hold, should check with the appropriate

consulates to determine if any visas are needed.

Securing any needed visas is the responsibility of

the tour participant.

Tour membership

In order to ensure congenial membership,

Kompas reserves the right to accept or reject any

person as a tour participant and to expel from the

tour any participant whose conduct is deemed

incompatible with the interests of the tour group.

Health requirements

Tour members should check with the consulates

and/or the local health boards for the latest

health requirements.

Travelers who need special


Any disability requiring special attention must

be reported to Kompas at the time of booking.

Kompas will make reasonable efforts to

accommodate the special needs of disabled tour

participants, but is not responsible for any denial

of services by carriers, hotels, lodges, restaurants,

or other independent suppliers, nor any additional

expenses incurred. Motor coaches and minibuses

are not equipped with wheelchair ramps. We

regret we cannot provide individual assistance to

a tour member for walking, dining, getting on/off

motor coaches and other transportation vehicles,

or other personal needs. Travelers who need

assistance must be accompanied by a qualified

and physically able companion. Motorized

scooters are unsuitable for touring.

Carrier’s liability

The provisions and limitations of the Athens

Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers

and their luggage by Sea, 1947 (the “Athens

Convention”) and the International Convention

on Limitation of Liability For Maritime Claims,

1976 (the “1976 Convention”) are incorporated

on this Passenger Ticket Contract. Where the

terms of this Passenger Ticket Contract conflict

with any applicable mandatory provision of law

or international convention, including, where

applicable, the Strasbourg Convention on the

Limitation of Liability in Inland Navigation, 1988

(the “CLNI Convention”), the provisions of that

law or convention prevail.

Force majeure

In case of any and all unforeseen circumstances

during your cruise including but not limited to:

weather conditions, low or high waters, lock

schedules, acts of God, government actions,

political turmoil, disease, strikes, terrorism, general

break down of equipment, closures or black outs

of certain attractions listed in the program or

similar, we as the agent of the Owners/Operators

of various vessels offered in our programs reserve

the absolute right to change and/or alter any

specific sailing date or a series of departure dates

including implementing any of the following; a)

substituting vessels of same or similar quality,

b) operating portions of the sailing program via

motor coach/hotel accommodations to replace

boat schedules, c) substituting listed attractions

with those of same or similar quality without

prior notice. The vessel operators also reserve the

right to cancel any particular sailing date or series

of departures, for reasons outlined above, lack

of participation or for any other reasons beyond

their control. In the unlikely event of a cancelled

sailing date, in conjunction with the vessel

owners/operators, we reserve the right to offer

an alternate date or dates within the same sailing

season without further liability. If not acceptable

to passengers for appropriate reasons, we reserve

the right to extend full credit for monies received

for a cancelled sailing and apply it to any other

sailing dates and destinations. If none of the

alternatives are workable, the limit of our and the

vessel owner/operator responsibility will be the

refund of all monies received for the cancelled

sailing within 60 days of the final written

cancellation received from the partner/passenger.

Under no circumstances will we or the owners/

operators of vessels be liable for any expenses

not paid through us, including any airfares,

delays, cancellations or changes and any ticketing

fees that may be applied due to such changes,

any additional ground transportation or extra

accommodation surcharges, travel insurance,

visa fees, taxes, psychological trauma and/or lost

business income or revenue, or other incidental

expenses incurred to the Passenger as a result of

our or vessel owner/operator cancellation of a

specific sailing or series of sailings.


Please be aware that during your participation

in tours operated by Kompas, certain risks

and dangers may arise beyond our control

including, but not limited to, the hazards of

traveling in undeveloped areas; travel by boat,

train, automobile, aircraft or other means of

transportation; the forces of nature, political

unrest and accident or illness in remote regions

without means of rapid evacuation or medical

facilities. Kompas will not have liability regarding

provision of medical care or the adequacy of

any care that may be rendered. It is understood

that Kompas will use its best efforts to ensure

that adequate measures are taken.

Responsibility *** IMPORTANT


Kompas and/or its agents act only in the capacity

of agent for the passengers in all matters

pertaining to the tour, whether by plane, rail,

motor coach, ferry, cruise boat or any other

means of conveyance. They shall not be liable

for any injury, damage or loss caused by neglect

or default of any company or person engaged

in conveying the tour, or any hotel proprietor

or other person supplying services or material

in connection with the tour. Kompas reserves

the right to withdraw a tour, refuse to accept

or retain any person as a member of a tour at

any time, or to make changes in the published

itinerary, whenever in their sole judgment

conditions warrant or if they deem it necessary

for the comfort, convenience or safety of the

passengers. All prices are based on tariffs in effect

at the same time of publication of this manual,

and are subject to reconfirmation at the time

ofbooking. Refunds for any portion of the tours

not taken will be made by the operator on the

cancelled portion, less the expenses incurred in

the handling. All requests for refund of unused

services, etc. must be sent to Kompas and/or its

booking agent, in writing, no later than 30 days

after completion of relevant program. Kompas

shall be released from any liability under the

guarantee to such participant who does not file

a timely claim. NOTE: Terms and conditions are

subject to change without notice.


• 3rd adult sharing a room: 30%

• Child (age 3-7 yrs) sharing a cabin

with 2 adults: 70%

• Child (age 8-14 yrs) sharing a cabin

with 2 adults: 50%

• Child (age 3-15 yrs) in twin, with 1 adult: 20%