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Do motorized sailing boats

sail during the night?

No, our motorized sailing boats

sail exclusively during daylight.

During the night, they will moor in

harbours or coves.

What about shopping?

Throughout the entire cruise,

whichever route you chose, there

will be plenty of opportunities to

go shopping. Clothes, souvenirs,

local specialties and unique

handicrafts - you won’t be able to

resist, we assure you.

How much luggage can I take


Generally, there is no limit, but you

should keep in mind that the space

in the cabins is restricted. If you hate

packing, no worries, you only need

to bring a bathing suit and couple of

shorts and T-shirts on our cruise -

don’t overpack.

Is there a doctor aboard?

There is no doctor aboard, but the

captain is qualified for giving first

aid. However, in every port there are

specialized medical teams or health


Which cabins are better?

Just so you know, cabins below deck

are much quieter, provide more

privacy and peace, allowing you

to fall asleep listening to the quiet

sound of waves, and to wake up

with a smile. Like trying to retell a

dream, choose one of our cabins on

deck, and be prepared to experience

amazing beauty in every moment of

your cruise. Just open the door and

witness magical sunrise and sunset.

Every cabin has its special story...

Is there enough shade aboard?

Of course, there is enough shade

aboard. Usually, bigger vessels have

got a canopied part at the stern on

the main deck, in addition to that,

parts of the sundeck are protected by

a canvas cover.

Is a cruise suitable for children?

Of course it is. And without any

doubt, it is a great experience for

children. Because of the special

conditions aboard, we recommend

our cruises for children at least at

school age, and they should be able

to swim.

Is sleeping on deck permitted?

It certainly is. For many of our guests,

it is a unique experience to spend

the night in the fresh air, under the

Mediterranean stars.

Is there free Wi-Fi network

available aboard?

All our ships provide free Wi-Fi

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